Two 20-Year-Old US Students Among The 154 Killed In Halloween Crowd Surge In Seoul

Families have learned that among the 154 people killed in a crowd surge this weekend in Seoul were two American college students.
Steven Blesi, a 20-year-old college student from Georgia was in South Korea on a study abroad trip. He was accompanied on the night of October 29 by another student, Anne Marie Gieske, who was studying at the University of Kentucky and had recently celebrated her 20th birthday.

The students were in the packed nightclub district in Seoul when a crowd surge killed more than 150 young people.

Officials say a majority of the dead were young women and partygoers who were celebrating Halloween weekend.

According to Yahoo News, an estimated 100,000 people gathered in a popular Itaewon neighborhood to celebrate Halloween.

At first, officials described the incident as a stampede. But videos posted online captured what appeared to be a crowd surge as people tried to push forward through a packed crowd in a narrow alley.

According to Inside Edition, the alley where the tragedy occurred was only 14 feet wide and had hundreds of people packed into it.

Blesi's father told the outlet that he sent a text to his son before the night's events. "I know you're out and about. Be safe."

He never heard back from his son, and learned hours later that he was part of the tragic event.

Gieske was the niece of US Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio. Her father released a statement to NBC News following the news of his daughter's death.

“We are completely devastated and heartbroken over the loss of Anne Marie. She was a bright light loved by all. We ask for your prayers but also the respect of our privacy."

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