‘Bread Cheese Is Elite’: Customer Praises Viral Garlic Bread Cheese From Trader Joe’s

A popular content creator went viral on TikTok after sharing his opinions about Trader Joe’s bread cheese and steak pie.

The video features user Jamel Star (@jamel.star) and his journey through Trader Joe’s to find the popular bread cheese.

“I have no idea why I’m doing here but I need some cheese,” Star says to his 1.7 million followers. Then he reveals the steak pie behind the coolers which he looks disgusted by and encounters more than once. Finally, he finds the bread cheese and looks confused because he thought the cheese “was bigger.”

The camera cuts to Star in his kitchen preparing the cheese.

“I’ve never fried cheese on its own before. This is different,” Star comments after cutting the cheese into small cubes and then seasoning the cheese. The camera cuts over to the results, a large steak pie and sautéed cubed cheese on the side. He bites into the cheese, pleasantly surprised by the taste, and he says in the overlay text that it was “worth it.”

Star writes in the caption, “Bread cheese is elite…pie idk.”

The video racked up over 339,000 views as of Saturday with many viewers agreeing with how good the bread cheese is.

“They sold this cheese at a craft show years ago and it was AMAZING!!!! Worth it!!!” one viewer said.

“They’re always sold out of bread cheese at mine I love it, cooks like paneer or Haloumi,” a second commented.

“I love the bread cheese, I put some of the crunchy onion chili oil on top for a snack, so good!” a third stated.

Others recommend sides to eat the cheese it with.

“U gotta dip it in pizza sauce next time,” one person suggested.

“Great in marina sauce or raspberry jam! It reminds me of a cheese curd,” a second echoed.

“Put a little honey on that cheese!!” a third urged.

The bread cheese is a fan favorite at Trader Joe’s. According to their website, the bread cheese is “garlic bread cheese, inspired by the Finnish delicacy that just happens, by idiomatic coincidence, to pair wonderfully with garlic. It’s crafted for us by master cheesemakers in Wisconsin, who take blocks of rich, thick, cow’s milk cheese, cover them in garlic powder, then bake them to a beautifully golden-brown hue.”

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