‘Her Dog’s Therapy Is More Than What I Make In 2 Weeks’: Tiktoker Allegedly Shares ‘What A Tech Billionaire’s Daughter Spends In A Weekend’

A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing what she alleges is a breakdown of one weekend’s spending for a tech billionaire’s daughter.

In a video with over 3.2 million views, TikToker Amelia (@collegewithamelia) goes through what she says is a list of purchases made by a tech billionaire’s daughter.

The purchases range from $650 for her “dog’s therapy” to $250 for a helicopter ride she does not remember.

In the comments section, many expressed surprise by numerous items on the list.

“Her dogs therapy is more then what make for 2 weeks… why am I working,” questioned a user.

“Y’all are going crazy over the dog’s therapy but not talking about $35 FOR A SMOOTHIE?” asked a second.

“‘I don’t remember taking a helicopter’ meanwhile that would be a top 5 best day ever for me,” wrote another.

However, some users were critical of Amelia, saying she was promoting an app without disclosing it.

All of Amelia’s videos feature an app called Oops, which allows users to track their finances by linking their credit or debit card. Although all of Amelia’s videos feature the app, none of them are disclosed as branded content, something required by TikTok if Amelia is in fact being paid to promote its content.

“Real question how much does the app pay you per video,” wrote a user in the comment section.

“These videos need to say ‘sponsored,’” a further user noted.

Whether the video is branded content or not, users were still fascinated by what they saw, using the video as evidence of the massive divide between those with money and those without in the United States.

“The separation of wealth is very obvious in this country,” explained a commenter. “Not hating but it’s hard to watch.”

“They do not live in the same world we do,” concluded an additional TikToker.

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