‘Isn’t Food Supposed To Be Secured From Tampering’: Tiktoker Claims Target Left Perishable Goods Outside For 10 Days

A TikToker went viral after posting a clip of several pallets of goods left outside of a Target location in a parking lot. They claim that Target has left the goods outside for over ten days.

User @labradoodle4 appears to have recorded footage of the items while driving their car and they claim that “Target [is] leaving your food outside.” In the video, packages of diapers and other non-food related items can be seen, however, several other commenters claim that they spotted cases of Heineken beer along with other perishables goods.

“Target’s freight of Christmas candy and food left out all day and night,” @labradoodle4 writes in the text overlay. “Isn’t food supposed to be secure from tampering, the homeless camp in the woods must have enjoyed this.”

In the comments section of the video, the TikTok user claims that the products were left outdoors for an additional ten days afterward. Other viewers theorized the reasoning for the goods to be left behind the Target location.

Some said that the pallets could’ve been full of defective items left outdoors as part of an insurance claim.

“I was at a target the other day they did not have any freezer food they threw all in the garbage they said freezer broke down,” one user claimed.

“Hmm it’s iffy, it could be out of temp, rejected, damaged etc items that are waiting for an insurance claim. idk tho,” another speculated.

Others claimed this commonly happens outside other large-scale retail stores and they’re able to steal tons of products as a result.

“Ride behind Walmart too! Lots of free stuff! Got a big screen tv and microwave,blender,tools! Free stuff!!” one user suggested.

“My target has big moving containers in the parking lot,” another said.

A few viewers said the clip is a prime example of waste in the United States, and that there are plenty of unhoused individuals who could benefit from the products if they’re being left outside.

“I hope the homeless did get some of it, these corporations throw away so much useful things that could be going to the poor,” one user said.

Even an alleged FedEx employee chimed in, claiming to have an unreliable experience with the Target workers they are supposed to handoff the products to. “I hate doing my FedEx pickups from them, Nobody is ever I n the back, none of them ever know what it going out,” they wrote.

User @labradoodle4 also claimed that there were “a lot of rats around” and that it was a particularly “hot week” in the comments, meaning any food items left out in the parking lot ran a higher risk of spoiling.

Retail waste has been a hot topic of debate. RTS reports that nearly 30 percent of all food products in US grocery stores are thrown out. Bath & Body works was recently criticized on social media after folks spotted dumpsters filled with products as well.

The TikToker hasn’t uploaded any additional content pertaining to Target allegedly leaving food items outside of its store.

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