‘I Could Still Find Your Name’: Restaurant Manager Says Customer Tried To Hide Name On Card To Remain ‘Anonymous,’ Didn’t Realize Name Printed On Receipts

After a bizarre experience with a customer whose desire to remain anonymous backfired, the owner and manager of a frozen daiquiri shop shared the faulty logic in his decision-making on TikTok.

In the video, @that.flamingo.lady, who owns daiquiri shop Frozen Flamingo, said she had a customer come through with his name taped over on his card in an effort to remain anonymous. He seemingly had no idea his name would print on the receipt.

“So I just had this customer, he handed me his card, and he put black tape over his name, and so I stared at it for a second longer than normal because I’d never seen this before,” she says in the video. “I guess he saw me looking, and he was like, ‘Yeah, so I do that now because I don’t want people to know my name. Like, businesses, they don’t need to know my name.’ I was just like, ‘Yeah, totally, power to you.’ I didn’t know how to tell him that names print on receipts. So I could still find your name.”

@that.flamingo.lady also said one of her employees pointed out that this just drew more attention to the customer, having a completely opposite effect.

“Also, Nick, who I’m working with pointed out that doing that draws more attention to it, and so I automatically went and looked at his name to see why he was keeping it a secret. So if his goal is to stay anonymous, he should not put tape over his name and be all weird about it,” she adds.

Viewers also found the act of covering a name on a card odd, agreeing that it would just draw more attention to the man.

“He should just pay in cash,” one commenter wrote. “Lol if the back wasn’t signed I would have asked for an ID.”

“He’s going to be mad when that causes a business to check his ID to make sure it’s not a stolen card he’s using,” another commenter wrote.

“I’d automatically assume the card was stolen and check their ID,” a commenter wrote.

Other viewers shared their experiences with customers who went to extreme lengths to protect their “anonymity” but were met with the exact same problem.

“People are weird about anonymity,” one commenter wrote. ” I once worked as like a triage at this job and guy calling in about his interview refuses to give me his name saying it was none of my business. Like he wasn’t about to be my coworker.”

“Omg. I worked at a restaurant and a guy called to reserve but refused to give me his name,” another commenter wrote. “I read his caller ID name and he went off on me.”

“Applebees we had a camera in taking pictures and a guy refused to be seated near the camera,” a commenter wrote. “‘I don’t want the government having my picture,’ (then) hands me his ID for his beer.”

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