‘He Threw My Card At Me, He Threw My Food At Me’: Taco Bell Manager Tries To Open Customer’s Door In Drive-thru

In a viral video posted Oct. 7, TikToker Caitlin Dewart (@mtn.dewart) shared a heated altercation between her and a Taco Bell drive-thru employee. The video, which is only seven seconds long, caught the employee grabbing and hitting Dewart’s car.

The video has received over 15.3 million views.

“Excuse me, get the fuck off of my car,” Dewart shouts at the employee, as he yells “OUT!”

The video did not offer much context on the situation, however, Dewart provided more information in the comments section.

“No, there isn’t a second video. I wasn’t expecting something out of the ordinary to happen [and] I tried to start filming earlier and he smacked my phone,” she wrote. “That’s why I had to start using my front camera with my right arm so he couldn’t reach it anymore.”

Dewart revealed she was seven months pregnant at the time of this video, using the fact to justify her actions. The man supposedly swung at her, hit the hood of her car with his fist, and was eventually arrested.

“Someone from corporate called me and asked if I’d take the video down as it was bad for business,” she said. “I said no and yes, he was fired.”

Viewers in the comments were shocked at the employee’s behavior.

“Bro wants u or he just loves his job fr,” one user said.

“I wonder what he was gonna do if he actually got the door open??! Lmao,” another commented.

In a follow-up video, Dewart addresses questions and reveals that she has spoken with Taco Bell’s corporate team.

After placing her order with another employee at the first window, Dewart says she proceeded to wait for her order at the second window after paying, later realizing she had yet to receive her drink.

The man in the original video turned out to be the manager of that location and spoke to Dewart while she was waiting for her either her Baja Blast or a refund. After waiting a bit, she says the manager returned to the window, and Dewart asked what was going on.

“I’m giving you a fucking refund on your card,” the man said, according to Dewart. He then got angrier and tried to smack her phone out of her hand, she claims.

“The kid behind him tried to stop him…he threw my card at me, he threw my food at me,” she alleges. The other employee then asked the creator if she was okay, to which she said she was probably going to call the cops.

“To my surprise, this man comes outside the Taco Bell into the drive-thru. He comes walking up to my fucking car, he punches the hood of my fucking car,” she recalls of the manager. “At this point, I can’t even comprehend what’s going on.”

Dewart says that the “54-year-old” was being childish and playing games with her as if he wasn’t touching her car. Eventually, she claims the cops showed up and gave the man a ticket.

“Also, apparently Taco Bell condones this behavior and rehired him less than a year later after corporate called me asking me to take the video down as it’s ‘bad for business,’” she said in the caption. “I talked to them again last week and they said they’re ‘investigating and taking action confidentially.’”

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