‘No Wonder Why I Get Bites Of Absolutely Nothing In My Quesadilla’: Taco Bell Employee Shows How The Quesadilla Is Made, Sparking Debate

A Taco Bell employee is spilling the beans about some menu items, including the chain’s chicken quesadilla, on TikTok.

In the video that was viewed more than 6.9 million times on the platform, poster @desmarie993 walks their audience through the process of making a chicken quesadilla, pointing out the prescribed portions and noting new packaging that helps guide where an employee might make cuts to slice the quesadilla.

However, some viewers criticized the amount of chicken added to the quesadilla—for them, it just isn’t enough.

“No wonder why I get bites of absolutely nothing in my quesadilla,” one commenter wrote.

“The Taco Bell way is to barely put any meat,” another commenter wrote.

“For the amount that I now pay for a chicken quesadilla, we all deserve (more) chicken,” a commenter wrote. “They used to be $2.50 now over $5! Ridiculous.”

Others had different gripes with the quesadillas they’ve purchased from Taco Bell in the past.

“What I wanna know is why 50% of the time when I order a cheese quesadilla do I get chicken, ugh,” one commenter wrote.

“My Taco Bell must use a different set of instructions because they use a pea sized amount of the sauce and maybe a pinch of cheese,” another wrote.

“I think the Taco Bell crew at my home town needs to watch this video because ours is never cut,” a third said.

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