‘And They Expect Tips Before Service’: DoorDash Customer Receives 3 Empty Taco Bell Cups Instead Of Gatorade

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a DoorDash mishap, where she received three empty Taco Bell cups instead of the Gatorades she ordered. The clip sparked a debate in the comments about whether the onus falls on the delivery driver or the restaurant employees to ensure complete orders.

The video was uploaded by user Bonnie (@for.shitz.n.giggles) who filmed what she received from DoorDash.

“So we ordered DoorDash and we ordered three Gatorades, and this was how it was delivered,” she says, showing two small burritos, two power bowls, and three large empty cups. Despite the mistake, Bonnie and someone else can be heard laughing.

“Taco Bell fail. Door Dash mishap. Only in NYC. Like what the hell?” she added in the caption.

The video was viewed 320,000 times as of Wednesday, with some viewers claiming that DoorDash drivers aren’t allowed to fill drinks due to “health code violations.”

“I used to do DoorDash and sometimes the restaurant gives us the cups to fill ourselves but according to DoorDash we’re not allowed to,” one user wrote.

“Is against doordash policy for the driver to fill Drinks It’s on the restaurant,” a second echoed.

“In some states it’s a health code violation for dasher to make the drink. If they can’t prepare or touch the food in a sealed bag they can’t do drink,” a third agreed.

Bonnie responded to one viewer’s comment, noting that she doesn’t blame the delivery driver for the issue. “Even if he wanted to help and fill then he couldn’t. Cups were in sealed bag. All on @tacobell,” she wrote.

Other viewers shared their experiences ordering Taco Bell through DoorDash.

“I got banned from DoorDash for reporting my Taco Bell making mistakes each time,” one person shared.

“I ordered DoorDash one day at work the lady drove to my job took a picture of the store and left with my food,” a second commented.

“I ordered Taco bell one time and got Jett’s pizza… like what is doordash doing,” a third wrote.

Similar to Bonnie’s experience, a DoorDash driver went viral in February after delivering an empty McAlister’s Deli cup to a customer. “McAlister’s gonna learn it’s not our job to fill their drinks,” he said, noting that delivery drivers are supposed to “pick up complete and sealed orders.”

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