‘Someone’s About To Get Fired’: Subway Worker Calls Out Employee Who Failed To Close Store Properly The Night Before

In a viral video with over 3 million views, TikToker Mackenzie Cox (@mackdaddyk19) ranted about the closer of the night shift at their Subway location not doing her job properly. From prepping the loaves of bread wrong to not taking the trash out, Cox says she had to re-prep and clean up the morning following the closing shift.

“Someone’s about to get fired,” she added in the caption.

As Cox explained that “stuff was not done like it should have been,” she increasingly gets more upset as she lists off the tasks she had to complete.

“What I’m dealing with right now is fucking bullshit,” she says.

The closer, according to Cox, made too much wheat bread when Subway usually sells more white bread and didn’t even bother to use the actual loaf pans to prep for baking.

“[It] makes my life so much fucking harder because I should be able to just take the bread, slice it like I need to, and then throw it in the fucking proofer.”

Cox says the closer also left the cheese for the Italian herb bread out, leaving the store without the specific cheese, and didn’t clean up the toppings bar so it had to be trashed.

“I don’t give a fuck if I’m 20 or not, you still have to respect me, babe, because at the end of the day, I’m the one who decides if you have a job here or not,” she says.

The creator says she texted the closer to come in within the hour to help with all the tasks that should have been done, but never received a response. Cox says this wasn’t the first time the employee left things unfinished.

In the comments section, users wondered what the closer even did during her shift.

“I mean, what DID she do?? Lock the door? I would have lost it in my Subway days,” one user said.

“HOW do you miss literally every step of closing?” another questioned.

“I absolutely lost it at trash being left in the restaurant overnight… she gotta go,” a third user said.

Cox uploaded two more ‘update’ videos where she continuously vents about her unreliable employees, especially the adult co-workers who often lead her to depend on her high school employees.

In another video, Cox says that the original video she had made was sent around to employees and the owner of the company asked her to take the video down.

“Respectfully, no sir,” she says she replied.

She also says that they ‘pulled her out’ of that specific store location with plans to place her in another one.

In response to The Daily Dot’s request for comment, Cox provided updates concerning her job and what happened with the employee who didn’t close properly.

“The closer’s last day was yesterday,” Cox said via Instagram direct message. “They didn’t reprimand her at all. I am in between locations but I believe I’m not gonna work for Subway much longer.”

She clarified that the closer had put in her two weeks and was not fired by management.

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