‘I Would Never In A Million Years [Have] Picked That Up And Read The Ingredients’: Shopper Says Stove Top Pork Is ‘Accidentally’ Vegan

Thanksgiving can be difficult for vegans. While many around the United States happily munch away on turkey, gravy, and sweet potato casseroles with marshmallows on top, vegans at the dinner table may struggle to find dishes that cater to their needs.

But there are plenty of festive dishes for vegans to enjoy on Thanksgiving—even if they don’t appear vegan at first glance. One such dish was recently shared by TikTok user Dee (@deetofugoat) to viral success.

“Guys, just a reminder that the Stove Top Pork is the flavor that is accidentally vegan,” she says in the video, which now has over 1.6 million views. In the caption, she adds, “I love it when we find accidentally vegan stuff.”

Surprisingly, the stuffing mix is actually vegan, as Dee says. The ingredients include enriched wheat flour, high fructose corn syrup, onions, and more—but no direct animal products.

Ironically, as another user pointed out in comments, the Stove Top Sage stuffing is not vegan as it contains trace amounts of dried cooked chicken.

Many users thanked Dee for the tip.

“I would never in a million years [have] picked that up and read the ingredients,” said one user.

“Thank you. My daughter is vegan and this helps,” added another.

“This makes me so excited!!” exclaimed a third.

Others shared their own “accidentally vegan” discoveries.

“Instant mashed potatoes with bacon are vegan,” stated one commenter. While this depends on the manufacturer, many brands of bacon bits and instant mashed potatoes are, in fact, vegan.

“The Hawaiian Bread one from ALDI is too and it’s sooooo good and cheap,” shared a second.

Other users suggested that Stove Top should try to capitalize on the vegan market.

As one user put it, “They are hurting sales calling it pork and not vegan.”

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