‘It’s Not As Fun As It Sounds’: Starbucks Barista Shares Company’s New Weekly Pay Schedule For Certain States, Sparking Debate

A Starbucks barista’s video showing an announcement posted in their store regarding pay schedules has drawn discussion on TikTok.

In the video, user Hen (@kinghennn) shows a notice that states baristas will be paid weekly in certain states, moving from a previously bi-weekly schedule. These states include Maine, Massachusetts Minnesota, and California, where the barista was located. In the notice, Starbucks provided the reason for changing the schedule as helping employees “better plan and support [their] financial needs.”

The poster’s caption on the video indicates that they don’t know how to feel about it.

However, some viewers had stronger feelings about the pay schedule change. Those in favor expressed that they would be happy to have a weekly payout.

“Ugh why didn’t they do this for everyone,” one commenter wrote. “I so miss being paid weekly.”

“Getting paid weekly is the best,” another commenter wrote.

“It’s the way this would’ve benefited me greatly instead of covering at multiple damn stores just to make my rent lol,” a commenter wrote.

Others wrote that they’d had bad experiences with weekly paychecks, largely due to a lack of money management skills.

“Weekly paycheck are literally why my husband and I are in debt, it’s not as fun as it sounds,” one commenter wrote.

“My partners are freaking out because they ‘don’t know how to budget’ and are afraid they won’t ‘know how to act,'” another commenter wrote.

“Weekly is better (because) I pay my bills on time but dangerous (because) sometimes I be spending a lot and justify with oh I’m getting paid soon,” a commenter wrote.

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