‘Not Us Being Karens But We Paid $30’: Starbucks Customers Call Out Under-Filled Drinks, Sparking Debate

A Starbucks customer complains of under-filled drinks in a now-viral TikTok, pointing to the hefty price tag of the four large drinks.

In the video posted by Evelyn Juarez (@evelinaajuarezz) on Nov. 4, she removes the lids of four latte beverages to reveal the under-filled drinks. Text overlay reads, “Ain’t no way.”

“Not us being Karens but we paid $30 for us to get skimped out. That is not it,” Juarez says in the clip.

The video has reached over 664,000 views as of Tuesday. However, many commenters pointing out that you can see the “line” where the steamed milk was originally before it “dissolved”—a potential cause for the drinks appearing under-filled.

“You see the rim of where the drink was originally at,” one user wrote.

“That happens once the foam goes down,” another said.

However, several Starbucks workers suggested that she ask for a “remake.”

“I work at Starbucks and that is waaaay too much of a gap! Get remakes!!! The whipped cream and foam do cause that buuut should not be that much!” one commenter said.

“They didn’t steam the milk right we should be leaving quarter of an inch so you should go get your money back,” another wrote.

“Any good barista in these comments knows that milk was steamed too long for latte drinks :/,” a third added.

In a follow-up video, Juarez says that she did not ask for a remake because she didn’t want to make the barista’s “lives harder.”

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