‘I Would Be So Embarrassed’: Starbucks Workers Share How They Play Games With Customers Without Them Even Knowing

Starbucks cups are a hot commodity, and no one knows that better than workers who enjoy watching the craze right in front of their eyes.

Starbucks worker and TikToker @xenaquintanaaa, who has over 40,000 followers, posted a video that received over 3 million views. It shows a game that the baristas at her store apparently like to play from time to time.

“Sometimes we save one good cup and see who snatches it for fun,” the text overlay on the video reads.

In the video, a customer is ordering at the counter when an employee walks out with one cup in their hand and places it on the shelf. The customer then turns around and goes for the cup as soon as the worker puts it down.

The barista then lets out a laugh while recording her fellow barista. “Oh to be a Starbucks barista,” @xenaquintanaa captioned the clip.

Viewers questioned the hype behind Starbucks cups and pointed to how the barista filming seemingly got distracted while trying to take a drive-thru customer’s order.

“What seriously is the hype over the Starbucks cups? Been going for years and have never bought a single one,” one questioned.

“Thank you for – thank you for choo- thank you for cho- thank you for choosing starbucks,” the top comment on the video reads, recalling the filmer’s reaction upon seeing the customer scurry over to the cup.

Another said they would be “embarrassed” if the baristas at the stores they frequent did this to them without them knowing about it.

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