‘Get Ready For Karens To Come In And Order 6 Drinks Expecting To Get A Red Cup For Each One’: Starbucks Worker Says They’re Short On Red Cups

Starbucks’ Red Cup Day is an annual event in which locations give out free reusable red cups, falling on Nov. 17 this year. However, things are different this year as the annual event is being chronicled on TikTok by both employees and consumers.

The only way to reportedly receive a complimentary red cup is if a customer orders off of the holiday drink menu, which consists of the Peppermint Mocha, Irish Cream Cold Brew, Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte, and the Caramel Brulée Latte.

One Starbucks worker, @just_benn, shared his Red Cup Day experience on TikTok, garnering nearly 400,000 views. “Fighting off customers who didn’t order a holiday drink but still want a red cup,” the overlay text on @just_benn’s video reads as he and a co-worker kick and punch the air.

Over 100 Starbucks locations agreed to strike during the event, in order to pressure the corporation to negotiate with Starbucks Workers United, that fast-growing union of employees that began last year. Still, several employees not involved in the picketing have taken to TikTok to vent their frustrations.

Because Red Cup Day is a highly anticipated event, some shared unfortunate news for Starbucks employees regarding the stock of cups. “Our store literally got one box of red cups for tomorrow. RIP to the morning crew, they will be missed,” the overlay text on another video, posted by @awolfsquared and viewed 430,000 times, said.

The video shows a cardboard box labeled “red cup” and the worker appearing distressed.

“I’m so glad I’m off cause I wouldn’t be prepared to get my head ripped off when we run out of cups before 9am,” @awolfsquared’s caption reads.

In the comments section, users remarked on the customers, including themselves, who participate in the event.

“Get ready for Karens to come in and order 6 drinks expecting to get a red cup for each one hahaha,” one user commented.

“I apologize deeply but I will be coming in,” another prematurely said.

In another video posted by @8274647299b, the barista shows the behind-the-scenes work on Red Cup Day.

“Us slaving away putting together over 1000 red cups,” the overlay text said on the video, which received 1.5 million views, reads.

@8274647299b shows the stacks of red cups in the store and proceeds to say customers will complain that the store didn’t order enough of the cups.

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