‘There’s A Walmart Across The Street’: Starbucks Barista Orders Trenta Cup Of Heavy Cream For Mac And Cheese Recipe

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing her unconventional order in the Starbucks drive-thru: a Trenta cup of heavy cream. She explained that she needed the ingredient for her mac and cheese recipe, and all the stores nearby had run out.

The video was posted by user Hannah (@lukiangel) as she records her interactions with the Starbucks baristas, which appear to be her co-workers, according to her prior content.

“What can I get started for you?” the Starbucks worker asks through the speaker. “I promise you that not it’s a crazy order, but can I please have a Trenta cup of heavy cream?” Hannah asks, bursting into laughter as the worker asks if she was “going to drink that.” Another Starbucks worker chimes in, addressing her by her first name, and starts laughing.

Hannah reiterates her order while laughing.

“There’s a Walmart across the street,” one of the baristas says.

“Target’s out of heavy cream. So was Stop and Shop and Aldi’s,” Hannah explains, and she “doesn’t go to Walmart.” One of Hannah’s co-workers asks if she was baking, and she explains that the heavy cream is for her mac and cheese recipe.

The baristas then let out a collective “oh.” Hannah then instructs the baristas how to input the order into the POS system.

In a follow-up video, Hannah explains that she was making the mac and cheese for potluck with her Starbucks co-workers.

The video has amassed over 736,000 views since it was posted Nov. 16. Viewers joked about the strange situation in the comments.

“’Are you going to drink that?! Hannah what?’ That killed me,” one viewer said.

“The way how the worker walked out from the back door,” a second commented.

“When she starts explaining how to put it into the POS,” a third wrote.

Others shared their own stories of purchasing ingredients from fast-food restaurants when stores were either closed or out of stock.

“We ran out of butter on Christmas morning and we had to call Waffle House and they gave us some!” one person shared.

“Lol we went to a McDonald’s at 11pm for milk once for thanksgiving bc they were the only thing open on base,” a second recounted.

“When I had to do this 2 years ago don’t do last minute grocery shopping,” a third commented.

In a follow-up video, Hannah explains that she made the mac and cheese for a potluck with her Starbucks co-workers. She shows the two large trays of mac and cheese on a table full of other dishes.

“It may be a Trenta size of heavy cream but it went to good use,” she jokes.

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