‘The Day I’ve Been Dreading’: Starbucks Customer Says She Was Asked To Tip On Tablet In Drive-thru

In a longstanding battle between TikTok creators and bold tipping practices, one creator’s video about iPad tipping at a Starbucks location is resonating with viewers.

In the video, which has over 397,000 views, TikTok creator @willowagainstwillows says she was handed an iPad with the expectation to tip at a Starbucks store.

“Today is a day I’ve been dreading for so long,” the video’s text overlay reads. “Today at Starbucks they handed a tablet out the window and asked if I wanted to leave a tip.”

The TikToker elaborates on her criticism in the video’s caption: “like youre already charging me $8 for a coffee but u cant afford to pay your workers enough?! this why I always chose starbies over dutch.”

Some viewers took issue with the take that baristas shouldn’t be tipped, pointing out the fact that they make the beverages themselves.

“Some of my baristas literally can’t afford groceries but you guys are complaining about the OPTION to tip?” one commenter wrote. “Relax.”

“You’d be surprised how many people used to get upset we don’t have a tip option but imo just don’t tip no one is taking it personal,” a second wrote.

“No I get tipping baristas cause they make your drink,” another commented. “It’s different when it’s like american eagle or sum.”

Others expressed that they very strongly supported tipping their baristas and other service workers.

“Idk I’m probably an outlier but I work in foodservice and always tip for my coffee,” one user commented.

“I always tip,” a second wrote. “Working class empathy I suppose.”

“I get it’s expensive but to be fair if you went to a regular coffee shop it’s normal to tip and they’re doing the same job,” another wrote.

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