‘Shiftsmart Is The Future!!’: Shiftsmart Gig Worker Shares Shift At Circle K, Sparking Discussion

In a viral video, TikToker Lindsay (@lynntockluxe) shared insight into the Shiftsmart app and how she booked side gigs that allowed her to choose her hours. The video has over 298,800 views.

“I signed up for some gig work with Shiftsmart,” she says in the clip. “Today, I merchandised Circle K.”

Shiftsmart is a platform that utilizes a network of employees and companies to find, source, and book work. Lindsay, who is a self-proclaimed introvert, said that she likes the platform because it allows workers to get paid quickly with low interaction with the company.

“I’m taking a little break but it’s going great,” she says in the clip. “Picked my own hours…nobody bothering me. Easy work. I like it, I’m going to do it again.”

In the comments section, users were interested to learn more about Shiftsmart and how to get involved.

“The way TikTok be listening lol. THANK YOU GIRL!” one user said.

“Thank you sm for posting this.. just signed up for it in Minneapolis a few minutes ago and I see a lot of different shifts and availability thx sis,” another commented.

“I have it and hadn’t signed up yet. This is motivation fr. Imma gone and do it cuz I teach and these kids always outta school lol,” a third user shared.

Lindsay posted another video a few days after her original video about Shiftsmart as she had booked another gig. Because of the good response and questions from the previous video, she told her followers that she would let them know more about the process.

“Shift smart is genius. I hope more businesses join the platform!!!” she wrote in the caption. “SHIFT SMART IS THE FUTURE!!”

The creator offers tips on work uniforms, what gigs she has looked into, and how the process normally goes. In this video, she had two shifts scheduled at Circle K.

“I’m here, clocked in. The process is pretty simple,” she says. “You just let the manager know you’re here, put your code in, and start working.”

After returning home, Lindsay praises Shiftsmart’s quick payment turnaround as she expects payment to come the next morning.

In the comments section, users thanked her for sharing the process.

“I signed up and was a little skeptical lol but seeing this video got me reconsidering the merchandiser position,” one user shared.

“Just completed my first shift, waiting to do the second one. I love it so far!” another said.

“They owe you a check lol I just signed up because of you,” a third user joked.

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