"She Is My Hero." Cane-Wielding Great-Grandma Rescues Neighbor From Thief.

When Miss Faye is around, you better believe she’ll have your back.
This 76-year-old great-grandmother is a driving force in her community, something that couldn’t have been clearer than when an elderly neighbor, Ann Butler, found herself in need of rescue. Miss Faye just so happened to look outside her home when an unfamiliar car caught her eye.

Miss Faye smiling.
The stranger, who seems to have followed Ann as she walked home from a restaurant, grabbed her purse as he passed. The two of them struggled, sending Ann to the ground where he began to drag her. When Miss Faye noticed, she didn’t hesitate to run outside to help.

“I was yelling and the first thing I know, Faye who has bad knees, came rushing out with her cane, yelling and screaming and he hopped back in his car and drove off,” Anne recalled.

Miss Faye was accompanied by her dog, Troy, as she yelled for the attempted-thief to leave, even throwing her cane at the car as he drove away.

“If my knees weren’t hurting me, I think I would have been out there a little faster,” Miss Faye laughed.

Miss Faye walking outside, cane raised in the air, as she confidently walks over to a car in the middle of the road. The driver of that car is dragging an elderly woman, Ann, by her purse. Miss Fay's dog, Troy, stands behind her at the ready.
Thankfully, neither Ann nor her rescuer were hurt. Plus, she was able to keep her purse! Naturally, Miss Faye is being hailed as a hero, and folks are looking for ways to thank this ever-present pillar of the neighborhood.

“She is just a tough lady, she knows what she wants, she will get it no matter what and she loves her community and would do anything to protect it,” another neighbor, Mel Oppenheim said.

Ann added, “She is my hero, I told her that, she is my hero.”

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