‘I’m Telling You The Price Is $10’: Server Says ‘Karen’ Threw Fit Over Differing Prices From 11-Year-old Menu She Found On Google

In a viral video posted Nov. 4, TikToker Angela Ramirez (@angelaxramirezz) shared a storytime and run-in with a “Karen” at La Cabana Mexican Restaurant.

“Tell me why today is my first day back at work and the first motherfucking customer I get is a motherfucking Karen,” Ramirez says in the clip. “Bitch, you came when the wrong one was on her shift.”

Ramirez explains that a woman came in to pick up her to-go order and said that the menu online had the meal listed at a different price. The creator asked to see the menu and noted that it was a photo from 2011, telling the woman their prices have changed since then.

“Well, this is what online said and this is what I thought I was going to pay so that’s what I want my food for,” Ramirez recalls the woman telling her.

The woman then allegedly gave Ramirez an option: either she was going to pay the $8.50 from the old menu, or the food could be thrown away.

“Okay, that’s fine. I’ll throw it away like babe, that’s my favorite meal, it’s not going in the trash,” Ramirez says. “I’m going to tear that hoe up.”

The woman then proceeded to ask for the manager, who confirmed the new, higher price of $10. Ramirez noted that the only employees on the clock at the time were her and her boss.

“The bitch ends up paying full motherfucking price, like why are you making a commotion up here? I’m telling you the price is $10,” Ramirez says. “Like, we’re not going to change the price for you, baby.”

After paying the correct amount, the woman allegedly told Ramirez that they needed to fix their Google menu online.

“Bitch, do I look like Ms. Google.com? Because I’m not fixing that shit. I don’t know how to, like?” Ramirez says in the clip.

In the comments section, users joked about Ramirez’s storytelling techniques and others shared opinions on the altercation.

“Girl, keep the camera a little more steady I got dizzy,” one user said.

“They stay acting like I made the damn menu,” another commented.

“All of that over a dollar and 50 cents,” a third user pointed out.

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