Anti-Vegan ‘Sausage Expert’ Tricked Into Eating ‘Lovely’ Vegan Sausage

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A self-proclaimed sausage expert from the UK has been left red in the face after he was tricked into having a vegan sausage on national television.

During an episode of Jeremy Vine’s daytime TV show, the 57-year-old host invited British radio presenter and apparent vegan sausage hater, Mike Parry to discuss all things sausage.

The segment titled "Stop Calling Vegan Sausages 'Sausages'", saw Parry take on the challenge to see if he could identify the meat sausage from the vegan sausage just from the taste - and spoiler alert: he got it wrong.

"You’ve got to tell me, right, of these, which is the real meat sandwich," says Vine.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

He then asks his guest what sauce he'd like, but Parry declines, stating that it could "disguise" the taste of the sausages.

After taking a bite out of each sandwich, he immediately picks up a plate and says: "It is absolutely obvious to me that this first one is the false sausage, OK.

"That’s not a real sausage. That’s cardboard."

He continues, doubling down on his answer: "This second one is clearly the real sausage. I could taste the meat in it. It was luscious and lovely. Tasted a bit like the one I had this morning.

"This is the winner."

Rather than telling the panelist if he was correct or not, Vine proceeded to smirk at the camera before uttering the words: "That's interesting..."

And from his amused response, everyone knew something wasn't quite right.

The host then goes round behind his own desk and picks up two other plates with sandwiches, and reveals that Parry's been tricked.

"The answer is... That the meat sausage is actually down here, Mike. You’ve just eaten two vegan sandwiches. I think you are a vegan in disguise!"
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Parry seems lost for words for a second before he starts fumbling to save his reputation as a so-called sausage expert.

"What an underhanded, downright rotten trick to put on a man whose reputation now as the ‘great sausage butty king’ is ruined."

Vine then goes on to ask: "How do you feel that mistake was made? You’ve tasted sausage, right?" To which Parry responds: "All I can say is, that that’s cardboard and that’s sort of almost cardboard. Call it tissue paper."

I'm sure "tissue paper" wasn't part of his original description, was it?

"I shall take a bite out of the real sausage," he concludes.

Upon seeing the video, social media users have been poking fun at the radio presenter, with many reacting to the hilarious moment with laughing emojis.

Others even went as far as calling him a "t***."

Either way, I'm sure this means he'll have to relinquish his title as the "sausage expert", and rightly so.

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