‘I Used To Do This All The Time When I Worked At Chili’s’: Red Robin Server Shares How She Enlists Chef For Help When Table Is Being Horrible

A Red Robin server shares how she enlists the chef for help in 86-ing items when a table is being “rude” to her. When a food service industry worker 86es an item or customer, that means the customer is not to be served or booted from the establishment or the item they want is made unavailable to them.

In the video that was posted to TikTok Oct. 25, @xxalynikol shows herself and the chef dancing as the chef flicks off the camera.

“When my table is rude so my fav cook ’86 what they wanted,'” the text overlay reads, implying the poster would simply tell the customer the food they wanted was sold out or otherwise unavailable.

Some viewers shared in the comments section that they had done something similar to rude customers.

“I remember always yelling Out 86 something while at work,” one commenter wrote. “Don’t be nasty or we sold out.”

“Today someone brought a coupon from our sister store that closed and said well they do this for me I said we’ll maybe that’s why (they’re) closed for good,” another commenter wrote.

“I (used) to do this all the time when I worked at Chilis LOL,” a commenter wrote.

Others simply shared they enjoyed the video, in particular the gesture made by the cook.

“It’s the flipping off the camera last minute for me,” one commenter wrote.

“He understood the assignment,” another commenter wrote.

“Bahaha his lil bird flip at the end,” a commenter wrote.

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