‘He Didn’t Ask Me My Age’: Customer Says She Automatically Received A Senior Discount At Ross Dress For Less

In a viral video, TikToker Jennifer (@gigi_dolleyes) shared that the cashier at Ross gave her a discount after assuming she was over 55 years old. The video has over 187,800 views.

“WTH!! Getting old sucks,” the caption read.

According to The Senior List, Ross offers a senior discount of 10% on Tuesdays if you’re 55 years of age or older.

After ringing up her items, Jennifer says her total was $52 but was then changed to $44. She says she didn’t think twice as she needed to go pick up her daughter but once she got to her car, she looked at the receipt.

“He gave me the 55-plus Tuesday discount. 10%,” she says in the clip. “I mean I’m not mad at it because hey, that’s $7.50 that I didn’t have to pay, but… he didn’t ask me my age.”

She then proceeded to ask her followers if she looked 55 years old.

“God, I hope not,” she says.

In the comments section, users didn’t hold back in providing their opinions.

“Yes. I’m sorry,” one user said.

“I am a cashier and we are not allowed to ask customers their age!!! It’s against the store’s policy!!! Who cares, what is wrong with 55?” another commented.

“I think the younger generation automatically sees grey hair and thinks people are one step away from an assisted living home,” a third user shared.

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