‘Didn’t Expect This Little Guy’: Robot Delivers Taco Bell To Hotel Room, Sparking Debate

A TikToker has gone viral after filming a short interaction with a delivery robot working at a San Francisco hotel.

This isn’t the first time fast food robots have gone viral on TikTok. In February, a Checkers restaurant became a trending topic on the video-sharing platform after it revealed a robot voice working in the drive-thru, sparking fears of automatization.

The video, which was posted on Sept. 6, quickly garnered attention with some viewers finding the robot cute, and others left feeling creeped out. It’s since reached 1.6 million views.

In the video, TikTok user Emma Wallace (@iamemmawallace) films herself interacting with the machine nicknamed “Henry” as it first opens up a compartment containing her food and then asks for customer feedback. After Emma rates it 5 stars the robot displays the message “Yay” followed by “I’m heading home.”

Accompanying the video is the overlay text: ”I’m in San Francisco and a robot came and delivered my Taco Bell to my room, did a little dance when I rated it 5 stars, then went back down in the lifts. London could never.”

In the comments section, many were charmed by the robot:


“I would simply keep it as a pet,” another commenter said.

“if these are the robots that are gonna take over the world they can have it, they’ve already taken over my heart,” a third added.

Others shared their concerns about the future of robotics and automatization:

“This feels so dystopian,” one user shared.

“No human contact, that’s so bad for our wellbeing people don’t even know.” another commenter added.

“That ‘little dance’ was actually it getting a good scan of you so it has a more in depth image of you/whoever is in front of it,” a third commenter theorized.

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