‘It’s Not About Efficiency, It’s About Control’: Worker Says There’s No Point To Hybrid Work, Sparking Debate

A TikTok user has sparked widespread debate after criticizing businesses that force remote workers to show up in person multiple times per week.

In a self-described rant, Deran Christian, who works with brands to create user-generated content, argues that being required to regularly work from his employer’s office provides no actual benefit.

“I need to rant for a hot sec about working from home and returning to office,” Christian says. “Before I start I want to acknowledge I know the economy is flopping right now, I know people are out of work and I am very, very grateful to have a job, so I do not want to come off as insensitive. I just think there are things that can be improved.”

Christian further explains that both he and other workers he has spoken with are suddenly being asked to show up in office at least two or three times per week.

“Let me tell you, when I go into work I wake up, I got to my car, I sit in an hour of traffic in Los Angeles, I get out of my car, walk into office, open up my backpack, and work on my laptop on a different table,” he says. “And then I leave during rush hour and drive in another hour of traffic to go home and think to myself, ‘What was the point of all of this? Nothing.'”

Pushing back on arguments that he’s merely being anti-social, Christian goes on to explain that he has no issue with showing up at the office a few times per month so long as there is a legitimate reason.

“To go into the office every week just for the sake of going into office is so pointless,” he adds.

Ideally, Christian argues, workers who wish to use the office should be allowed to show up everyday if they prefer. But those who can complete their tasks at home should not be forced to go in.

Many TikTok users appeared to agree, noting in the comment section that they too opposed forcing remote workers to regularly return to their office.

“Agree,” one user wrote. “It’s 2022, unless your job requires physical interaction, let’s use technology and have people work remote.”

“It’s so disruptive to my daily routine and sleep schedule etc having to rotate days working in the office and from home,” another said. “Should be all remote!”

Others claimed that their employers were merely worried about the value of their real estate investments.

“The company just wants to use the building they are paying for,” a user wrote.

“I’m with ya! It’s all bc they’re worried about their real estate investments so they can’t keep the offices empty – it’s for their benefit not ours,” another chime in.

Yet not everyone agreed with Christian. A small handful of users felt that working from the office was less distracting and a better option. Others pointed to instances in which some co-workers allegedly pretended to be working while at home.

Several studies, however, show that productivity is often better among those that work from home than those in an office setting. With so many people across the globe now acclimated to working from home due to the pandemic, it appears likely that many will fight to keep their remote positions.

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