‘Two Caniacs Was $40’: Raising Cane’s Customer Says Fast-Food Restaurant Increased Prices By 30%

A TikToker has gone viral after claiming fast-food chain Raising Cane’s substantially increased their prices.

In a video with over 185,000 views, TikToker and musician Bryce Xavier (@brycexavier) shows his surprise at the apparently newly-high prices.

“I’m really mad right now,” he says in the clip. “Two Caniacs was $40.”

“Cane’s is not the place we once knew,” he continues. “The box combo is almost $12 now. This ruined my night.”

Bryce clarified in the comments section that two ‘Caniacs’ was actually “like $33” and that he asked for extra sauces, but notes that he’s still “pissed.”

Rising prices at fast-food chains has become a common topic of discussion on TikTok, with many users going viral after pointing out similar price increases at places like Wendy’s.

While Raising Cane’s has not announced a formal price increase, and prices can vary from location to location, anecdotes from customers around the country seem to suggest that prices are, indeed, going up.

“The prices keep rising and the servings seem to keep getting smaller,” wrote a user on the ‘Caniacs’ subreddit earlier this year.

“This seems to be a very poor value for the money at this point,” added another user on Retail Watchers, who also claimed that portion sizes had been reduced.

While some disagreed about whether portion sizes had truly changed, commenters under the first Reddit post attributed the price increase to inflation and rising costs. This explanation appears in line with statements made by the company’s co-CEO in August of last year.

“Honestly, over the course of [the] last three months, [our] chicken prices have gone up almost by 70%. It is going to be a major financial impact this year. And look, we cannot just pass it along to the customer right away like our suppliers do often to kind of cover their costs,” co-CEO and COO AJ Kumaran told Yahoo Finance.

Still, this explanation didn’t stop users on TikTok from venting their frustrations about the high cost.

“I love canes but it’s not worth it anymore,” shared a commenter.

“Nah cuz when I ordered the 6 piece and they were like ‘ok 16$ at the window’ I was like HUHHHHHH,” stated a second. “God himself better be at the window.”

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