'Princess Diaries 3' Is Officially In The Works At Disney

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This is not a drill; Princess Diaries 3 is officially in the works at Disney!

Now I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but The Princess Diaries 1 and 2 defined my entire childhood. Watching Anne Hathaway turn from a nerd to a princess under the watchful eye of Julie Andrews was every young girl's wannabe rags-to-riches storyline, right?

Or was that just me?

Regardless, both movies are hailed as two of the most iconic, feel-good films out there so if you haven't watched them yet, first of all, where have you been for the past two decades? But secondly, here's a little context to help get you up to speed.

The 2001 and 2004 movies are based on Meg Cabot's novel series and tell the story of Mia Thermopolis (played by Hathaway), a normal American teenager who finds out she's the heir to the throne of Genovia. After undergoing a makeover and some lessons in how to behave like a princess, she must decide if the royal life is for her or not.
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Since the last film premiered in 2004, fans have been waiting patiently for a sequel and now we can finally say it's coming!

As per The Hollywood Reporter, writer and producer Aadrita Mukerji is said to be "penning a script for a new installment for Disney."

Sources have also told the outlet that it is a continuation of the Hathaway-led series of films rather than a reboot.
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While details surrounding the production are still firmly under wraps, we're hoping to see some original members of the cast reprise their roles. However, there has already been some indication that the Sound of Music legend will not be making a comeback as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

Earlier in the year, she told The Hollywood Reporter that while the idea was "lovely", she thinks that it would be "too late to do it now."

But other stars including Hathaway and Mandy Moore have said they'd totally be up for it though.
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As for a potential release date, there's not been any news surrounding that as of yet either, but if the third installment is still being written, we're assuming that it won't be premiering any time soon.

It doesn't matter though because I've waited eighteen years for this announcement, so I'm sure I can wait a few more.

But until then, I'll be re-watching the first and second movies on repeat.

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