‘How Did They Fry My Chicken, Then?’: Popeyes Customer Says He Couldn’t Get Fries Because The Fryer Was Broken

A Popeyes customer went viral on TikTok after sharing how the restaurant’s fryer was broken but employees were still able to fry his chicken.

in the video, TikTok user Jordan (@jordanshane52) sits in his car, recounting an experience he had with Popeyes to his 36,000 followers. He claims that after ordering his three-piece tender, Jordan asked the worker for fries and the worker told him that they can’t because “the fryer is down.” Jordan says he was confused, concluding the video by asking an important question: how did they fry the chicken if the fryer wasn’t working?

“Am I tripping?” he added in the caption.

The video racked up over 293,000 views as of Friday, with those claiming to be former and current Popeyes workers addressing his confusion.

“I use to work Popeyes they don’t fry the fries in the same place they fry the chicken,” one user explained.

“Yes, current Popeyes employee here. It cuz they use different fryers. We can get in a lot of trouble for that,” a current Popeyes employee echoed.

“I used to work for Popeyes. Theres about 4 fryers. 1 is only used for fries and fish,” a third agreed.

“Separate fryer for fries and cleaning them or waiting on them to heat up new grease takes forever they use shortening,” a fourth chimed in.

With many workers claiming Popeyes uses different fryers, the reason behind this seemed to be for preventing health code violations.

“They use different fryers cause if the Lu use the same one it’s cross contamination cause the chicken is raw when it goes in,” one wrote.

“They can’t use different grease in the seafood fryer because people be allergic to seafood so it’s only for that fryer,” a second wrote.

“They use 2 different fryers for this things. And they really strict about “cross contamination” in them chicken places,” a third commented.

“Health code thing, you have to use different fryers for chicken, fish, fries, etc,” another stated.

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