‘Bro Didn’t Even Try To Be Sneaky Just Straight Up Got To The Point’: Woman Says Her Boyfriend Was Searching For ‘Underaged P*rn’ On Twitter

A TikToker says that when looking through her boyfriend’s phone, she discovered that he had searched for “underaged p*rn” multiple times.

In a TikTok posted on Oct. 26 by Lima (@definitelylima,) she says she was going through her boyfriend’s phone and found that he searched for #underagedp*rn on Twitter. The TikToker shows the searches in a screenshot.

Lima’s TikTok uses the sound “uh oh, that sounds like pedophilia,” which has been used in over 41,000 videos related to adults making advances on minors.

“I wish I was joking,” Lima wrote in her video’s caption. On Monday, her video had over 4 million views.

As explained by the Rape Abuse & and Incest National Network (RAINN), even though terms like “underaged porn” and “child pornography” are still used, “it’s more accurate to call it what it is: evidence of child sexual abuse.” RAINN classifies the material as “child sexual abuse materials.”

Commenters on Lima’s video were appalled and disturbed by what the TikToker’s boyfriend had searched on Twitter.

“I’m calling the cops,” @bellybuckz commented.

“This isn’t a red flag this is red and blue lights,” @chuuyascorrupted wrote.

“I’m literally throwing up for you,” @uzianabae commented. “I’m so sorry.”

In the video’s comments section, Lima confirmed that she had broken up with the man in question and had even gotten the police involved.

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