‘As A Server At Olive Garden, We Know’: Customer Pretends To Still Be Hungry, Gets Another Round Of Unlimited Pasta To Take To-go

A TikTok showing a customer at Olive Garden who intended to exploit the Italian chain restaurant’s unlimited pasta special has viewers sharing their own secrets and strategies for getting the most out of the restaurant.

Posted by Hannah Anderson (@hjeannn), the video shows her boyfriend at Olive Garden pretending to dig into a plate of pasta so that he will be able to get another.

“When you pretend to still be hungry at Olive Garden so they’ll bring you another round of unlimited pasta,” text overlay on the video reads.

The video was viewed over 3.2 million times. Some viewers, claiming to be Olive Garden employees, let the poster know that there is a good chance their server was on to them.

“As a server at Olive Garden, we know,” one commenter wrote.

“I saw a girl dumping it into Tupperware at my table and I said, ‘I could (have) brought you some to go boxes,’ really don’t be caring (to be honest),” another commenter wrote.

“Literally it just makes me laugh when they try be sneaky,” a commenter wrote.

Others shared their own methods of taking home additional pasta from the restaurant.

“I bring Tupperware,” one commenter wrote. “Like hella Tupperware in my purse and take home so much pasta.”

“I always just eat one plate and then ask for a second one and a box,” another commenter wrote. “It’s the same price as buying the pasta and I get some to take home.”

A third said they also do this with the unlimited soup, adding, “always ask for an extra bowl and breadsticks to go home.”

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