‘Never Take Costco Orders’: Instacart Shopper Says She’s Never Accepting Costco Orders Again After Bad Experience

In a TikTok video that has gained recent popularity, user Vic (@victoriabrelinda), who says they shop for the retail company Instacart, revealed why they will never accept orders from Costco ever again.

After having to deal with a customer who captured her on video delivering multiple cases of beverages while out of breath, Vic said the only bright side of taking Costco orders was being able to stop by the store’s food court.

“POV: You take an Instacart order @Costco for 8 items only for it to be 6 cases of water and 2 cases of soda all to deliver to an upstairs apartment and the woman who lives there was on FaceTime w/ her daughter and points the camera at me while I’m OUT OF BREATH and says ‘Look at this poor girl’ but it’s okay bc I got to eat @ the food court,” Vic captioned their video.

They used the TikTok sound “It’s like a reward,” while filming themselves eating pizza in their car.

Most commenters agreed about the food court being the only appeal of shopping at Costco but also called out how Instacart orders from the store can be a challenge, mainly because they contain hefty products.

“I’m sorry but if you instacart/Uber eats ANYTHING, then you need to meet them downstairs,” one commenter said.

To which Vic responded, “ RIGHT! I’m not even pissed that I had to take everything upstairs. I was pissed that she had her camera in my face and said ‘look that this poor girl.’”

“I’m traumatized from the costco orders,” another commenter said.

“It’s givingggg, they should at least pay us more,” said Vic, who also said the customer who ordered the groceries didn’t tip well.

A separate commenter also shared how a similar situation happened to her where they had to deliver three cases of water to an apartment with no elevator and three floors.

Although they appreciated the chance to visit Costco’s food court, Vic said it’s unlikely they’ll accept a grocery order from there again.

“10/10 WILL NEVER DO AGAIN,” they commented on the video.

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