Nervous Man Waits To See Birth Mom Who Held Him For 6 Hours Until He Was Placed For Adoption

Millions of people have had their DNA analyzed using at-home DNA kits like Ancestry or 23andMe. The results often lead users to making new and exciting connections with family members they never knew they had… or those they've only dreamed of finding.
A few years back, Jeff Snyder of Tampa, Florida, submitted his DNA to Ancestry. However, he didn't have any real expectations for where it would lead and didn't think it would connect him with any matches.

It took about two years, but in October 2018, Jeff received an email in the middle of the night. It was from a woman named Judy Newkirk — his biological mother.

Judy gave birth to Jeff in 1967. She held him tightly for six hours before placing him for adoption.

They never spoke again... until decades later, when they found their way back to each other thanks to Jeff's DNA results.

In this clip, Jeff waits anxiously at the Tampa International Airport to meet Judy. "It's almost like a first date," he told Fox 13. "You get the butterflies. You get the trepidation. You don't really know what's going to happen or how things are going to work."

And 51 years later, Judy got to hold her son for the second time ever. As for Jeff, he shared his story to encourage others to keep trying to find their biological families.

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