Kanye West Claims Michael Jordan’s Dad Was ‘Sacrificed’ In Wild Conspiracy Rant

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Despite saying he would be going on a verbal fast for 30 days, Kanye West is back again with his bizarre claims.

Previously, the controversial 45-year-old rapper got himself into hot water over remarks deemed antisemitic he made on social media, which led to Balenciaga, GAP, Vogue, Anna Wintour, and Adidas all severing ties with him.

This time, in a clip obtained by The Shade Room, West told paparazzi that he can't be controlled like other celebrities and even made wild claims about a few.

The notorious musician said that his mom, Donda West, and Michael Jordan's father, James R. Jordan, Sr, were both "sacrificed" in an attempt to "control and traumatize".

Watch the video below:

"My momma ain’t here, my momma was sacrificed. You can't send none of y'all Meek Mills, y'all Lil Boosies…none of these name. None of these people that have to listen to y'all […] I never killed nobody," he said.

"I’m the pu*** that never killed nobody. But that means I can say whatever I want," he added before speaking on the 59-year-old Basketball legend's father who was shot dead in 1993 while sleeping in his recently purchased car.

"Michael Jordan, what about him? His dad, right? Bill Cosby, his son, right? Dr. Dre, his son. Out here in Hollywood, a lot of people come up missing. Feels like it might be a lot of that in order to control, traumatize," West added.
James R. Jordan Sr. Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy
In the explosive clip, the 'Gold Digger' rapper then went on to talk about some of the brands that have ended partnerships with him following the controversy surrounding him.

"They wanna monetize and traumatize. And God love me. They hit me. GAP, Adidas, all that away. Still, Forbes, who hate me, had to write, 'Net worth: $400 million,'" he said.

Like clockwork, people on social media have been reacting to the hitmaker's most recent outburst.

One user wrote: "I'd be cool if Kanye could simply get his points across without continually dragging others into his s***. If he just said shit like 'what IM trying to do is….' It'd be a whole lot easier to do because you won’t make folks tune you out."

While another commented: "All the people he named understand the importance of family and strong bonds. He’s on some crusade that’s putting a major strain on the people he loves. It’s sad to see."

Earlier this month, after so much publicity, the chart-topper announced on Twitter that he was ready for some quiet time, writing: "I’m taking a 30 day cleanse. A verbal fast. No alcohol. No adult films. No intercourse...In God we praise. Amen."

However, it looks like his "verbal fast" did not last long as he still has so much to say.

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