‘The Power Of The Mute Button In Customer Service’: Customer Service Worker Shares What They Say When They Are On Mute

A call center worker showed just how powerful the mute button can be in their line of work in a viral TikTok that was viewed over 480,000 times.

using the mute button to give colorful commentary on what their customers are saying over the phone has drawn more than 481,000 views on the platform, where viewers are wary of the practice.

In the video posted by @julieguevara_, a call taker says, presumably while the phone is muted, “This dumbass said, ‘Am I doing that online or over the phone?’ Dumbass.”

The caller then presumably unmutes the line, telling the caller, “Thank you, and your date of birth?”

Viewers, some saying they have experience working in a call center, warned of the day that the mute button might fail and a customer would hear what is being said.

“LMAO bro that day the mute button don’t work I will be fired!” another commenter wrote. “This me every other call.”

Others confirmed that having their mute button not function properly resulted in negative consequences at their jobs.

“One time I forgot to press hold and starting talking mad shit about the customer,” one commenter wrote. “Let’s just say I was fired shortly after.”

“The mute button has failed me twice,” another commenter wrote. “I no longer comment out loud during meetings.”

“The other day it failed me but all I did was grunted out of frustration and explained what was going on to my (Supervisor),” a commenter wrote. “I’m glad I didn’t say anything bad.”

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