Parents Divide Opinion After Taking Five-Year-Old Son To Hooters For His Birthday

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A mom has been criticized after she decided to take her five-year-old son to Hooters for his birthday.

Posting to TikTok, user @darbyallison19 uploaded a video showing a little boy surrounded by Hooters waitresses dressed in low-cut crop tops and shorts.

At the start of the clip, one of the workers tells the birthday boy to stand up on the chair and bite down on two cups to fake a beak while also flapping his arms about like a bird.

Check out the video below:

The waitresses then proceeded to sing happy birthday to the giddy child while he continued waving his arms about.

For those of you that might not be aware, Hooters is a popular restaurant known to hire women who wear revealing uniforms while they serve customers. The name refers to both a North American slang term for a woman's breasts and the logo is in homage to an owl's 'hooting' sound.

After the servers had finished singing, the entire restaurant erupted in cheers but as soon as the video was posted online, social media users weren't as supportive of the situation.

"Why did they go here though?" Questioned one user.

"Why they gotta humiliate the poor kid like that," wrote another.

A third also pulled the child's age into it saying: "Why would they bring him there, at that age, for his bday?!"

"People excuse it just because it's a boy. But if it was a little girl seeing older men..."

However, others couldn't see the problem, emphasizing that "it's just another restaurant."

"People literally bring children to Hooters all the time. They literally have a menu specifically for children. The restaurant is for all ages."

Another reiterated the same thing, saying that they "don't get why people are hating."

In amongst the debate, there were a few comments making light of the situation.

"Seems more like the dad's birthday rather than the kid's," laughed one user.

And john_danGomez added that the mom shouldn't be surprised if the five-year-old "doesn't want to play [with] cars or action figures anymore."

But the mom took these comments pretty well, even commenting laughing emojis back to a few of them so we're guessing she's fine with it.

Let's just hope her son enjoyed his time there...

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