Mom Sees Young Employee’s Interaction With Elderly Woman, Quickly Finds His Manager

Have you ever been out and about in the world and come across an individual who instantly made you think how they must have great parents because they’re just so kind and considerate?
Mother of two Sarah Bigler popped into a Target with her daughter to pick up a few essentials. While she was waiting in line to pay, she witnessed the cashier’s interactions with an elderly woman in front of her, she decided to reach out to the store manager to speak about what she observed.

Sarah’s husband was at home sick that day and she was flying solo with her children and hoped to make it in and out of the store quickly. She found a line with just one person ahead of her and began to unload her items.

When she noticed that things were taking a while, she looked up to see that the older woman ahead of her in line was paying for each of her items separately with change from her purse.

At first, she felt a sense of frustration and impatience because she was just wanting to get home to her sick husband with her tired children. Sarah’s attention then quickly turned to the patient cashier, Ishmael Gilbert, who was helping the elderly woman count out her change for each item.

Sarah later recounted in a social media post that she was amazed at how the young man courteously received each of the senior woman’s requests and never once dismissed her or appeared agitated at her prolonged checking out process.

She soon realized that her young daughter was taking in this valuable life lesson in patience and kindness as well.

To find out what Sarah told the store manager about Ishmael that day, watch the full video from Wonderbot.

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