Millie Bobby Brown Shared What It's Really Like Kissing Her "Stranger Things" Costar Finn Wolfhard

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Millie Bobby Brown didn't hold back when asked how good a kisser her Stranger Things costar Finn Wolfhard is.

The 18-year-old starlet took part in a lie detector test for Vanity Fair and managed to inadvertently throw her former cast mate under the bus.

“You exclaimed, ‘Kissing sucks!’ after your first kiss with Finn Wolfhard. Is Finn just a lousy kisser?” Brown was asked, to which she responded: “He is.” It was then revealed that the British teen actress was “telling the truth.”

Brown had her first kiss with Wolfard, 19, when the pair were around 12-13 and filming the season one finale of the hit Netflix show in 2016.

After the premiere, Brown revealed to Interview Magazine that the kiss was disappointing.

“I did have to kiss Finn. At the end of the day, it’s only acting, and it’s something you have to do, and I would do anything for the show. I cut my hair, I kissed Finn,” Brown said at the time. “It was definitely strange. It was, like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird.”

Check out Brown's brutal honesty where Wolfhard's kissing skills are concerned:

She added: “Finn reacted quite well and I didn’t. I felt really bad afterwards.”

As part of a follow-up question, Brown was asked if Wolfhard's kissing had improved over time, to which she responded: "Not with me." Ouch!

Referring to her other Stranger Things cast mate Noah Schnapp, she lay the blame for the bowl cut his character Will Byers donned in the fourth season firmly at his door.

"Would a best friend let someone have this haircut?" the interrogator asked. Brown answered: "He put himself in that position."

When pressed on the issue, Brown avoided elaborating further, simply stating: "I love him."
Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown on Season 1, Episode 1 of Stranger Things. Aired July 15, 2016. Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy
"Yes I do, yes. I'm sorry. I do. I think he looks great," she said, before the polygraph examiner promptly revealed that she was lying. "Get the picture out of here," Brown joked.

During a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Brown said her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi immediately noticed the chemistry between her and Schnapp. "When we first met, Jake was like, 'You guys are in love,'" she recalled.

"But it's in the most platonic way," Brown said, adding: "We were always able to kind of connect with each other. And it's so platonic, which is so beautiful."

The besties also previously revealed they had a pact to marry each other if they're both single by the age of 40. "We said if we're not married by 40, we'll get married together. Because we'd be good roomies," she said

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