Millie Bobbie Brown Wants To Play Britney Spears In A Biopic

Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that one of her biggest career goals is to portray Britney Spears in a biopic about her life.
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The 18-year-old Stranger Things star made an appearance on Monday's episode of the Drew Barrymore show and spoke about her future endeavors.

During her interview, the 47-year-old host asked

Brown about potential future roles, to which the actress said: "I wanna play a real person."

The Enola Holmes actress then revealed that she wants to play the Princess of Pop and added that she connects with Spears through their shared experience of being in the spotlight at such a young age.

Watch Brown's interview below:

"I think her story, first of all, resonates with me growing up in the public eye. Watching her videos, watching interviews of her when she was younger. Same thing with you; I see the scramble for words [in the interviews]," Brown explained.

"I don’t know her but when I look at pictures of her, I feel like I could tell her story in the right way and hers only," the actress added.

The Charlie's Angels alum seemed impressed by Brown, telling the starlet that she's "so wise, so magnanimous and so freakin' cool."

The Netflix star's interest in portraying the 40-year-old pop icon has been met with praise from fans.

One user wrote: "We need it to happen."

Another remarked: "I would go feral for this!! Yes yes yes."

A third person said: "Don’t know how to explain it, but this would make so much sense."

A fourth penned: "Wait I actually see the vision omg"

As it stands, the 'Toxic' singer has expressed no wishes to convert her life into a biopic, and, based on how much she respects her, it's likely that Brown wouldn't play the role of Spears without Spears' consent.

However, in other news, the actress recently attended the New York City premiere of her new Netflix film, Enola Holmes 2, which came out late last month.

In the movie, Brown plays Sherlock Holmes' little sister and they team up to solve a mystery together. On the red carpet, she spoke with Today and explained why she wanted to play the character.

"I just feel like it was a really broad message, something that needed to be told for young girls out there. And it was really important that I felt like I could tell her story in the most authentic way," she said.

As for how she connects to her character, the actress said that she's also a "very outspoken" person and that she "definitely" uses humor as a deflection.

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