‘$5 For Every Sip’: Man Shares Espresso Martini He Got For $15 At New York Restaurant

New York is a notoriously expensive city. According to Zillow, the median rental price in the city is over $3,000 per month, and a recent article in the New York Times documented how inflation and other factors have caused prices of food and drinks to skyrocket.

Even knowing this, many people get sticker shock when they see prices in the city—and what they get for those high prices.

One such case of high-cost shock recently went viral after being posted to TikTok. In a video with over 640,000 views, TikTok user Bran (@bran__flakezz) shows off an espresso martini he says he bought for $15 at New York’s City Vineyard. The martini is small and served in a disposable plastic cup.

“$5 for every sip!” he jokes.

In the comments, many users continued to make jokes about the situation.

“It’s giving espress-oh…okay,” wrote one user.

“I think you mean DEPRESSO MARTINI,” added another.

“I’m not super bougie but I’m not drinking a $15 espresso martini in a plastic cup, hunny!” exclaimed a third.

“Im dying they could’ve at least filled it,” noted a further TikToker. “that’s a 9oz glass so it’s looking more like 7oz for 15$ in my bartender opinion it’s giving shot.”

Other users shared their sticker shock woes.

“Had to pay $18 for a tequila shot w no salt the other night,” claimed a commenter.

“I once paid $25 for a vodka cran in la,” alleged a second.

“This happened to me at a hotel rooftop pool and I just stared at the bartender in awe,” stated an additional TikToker. “IN A PLASTIC CUP too.”

“Babe I spent $22 on one and I thought I was going to die,” said a user. “I [could’ve] eaten a MEAL.”

While some users noted that the amount in the drink was likely what Bran would have received had he been served in a proper glass, the high price paired with the plastic cup had TikTokers reeling.

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