Megan Fox Poses Topless As She Slams Claims She 'Didn't Shave' Bikini Line

Megan Fox has brutally dragged a social media user who accused her of not shaving her bikini line.
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On November 11, the 36-year-old Transformers actress took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes images of her and Machine Gun Kelly's Halloween shoot as video game characters, Zelda and Link.

The couple, who got engaged in January, transformed into elves by posing with pointy ears and Renaissance-style clothing, and in one of the snaps, Fox was topless as she showed off her fairy-inspired makeup look.

"Very seriously looked into elf ear modification after this. @grimes let me know if you find someone," the Jennifer's Body actress captioned the pictures.

Check out Fox's look below:

Despite her alluring look for the holiday, one user was fixated on the first picture which featured Fox's intricate tattoo that was visible near her bikini line - mistaking it for an unshaven patch.

"All that money and she can’t but a razor," the troll wrote in the comments, adding, "she’s now off my 'list.'"

Fox quickly shut the comment down by replying: "Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo? Either way, I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me."

Many of the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen star's followers commended her for standing her ground and slammed the person for their negativity.

One user wrote: "That's haters, they can't find anything bad so they become creative with bulls***," and another user praised: "CLAP BACK QUEEN."

A third chimed in and said: LMFAO you’re joking right?! First off @meganfox would still be drop-dead gorgeous covered in body hair. Second, the fact that you think you could offend her by commenting on her post to let her know she's off your 'list' just shows what a sad pathetic soul you are. So get off your high horse dude you’ll never even be close enough to see one hair on her body."

Meanwhile, a fourth fan defended the actress and wrote: "That’s her tattoo and even if it was her hair, what’s the problem with that? 'She’s now off my list' HAHAHA like she cares."

The video game costume was one of three matching outfits that Fox and the 32-year-old singer wore while celebrating Halloween last month.

The pair kicked off the season by dressing up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - which generated backlash from users - while attending the Casamigos bash on October 28.

In addition to this, the couple, who got engaged in January, also faced criticism on social media for dressing up in Catholic outfits, as a priest and his worshiper.

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