MD Crossing Guard Saves Little Girl From Out-Of-Control Car And Takes The Hit Herself

A Maryland crossing guard is being called a hero, and for good reason. She saved a little girl who was crossing the street and risked her own life to do it.
That crossing guard is Corporal Annette Goodyear of Cecil County, Maryland. When a car came plowing through the crosswalk one morning, she didn't think twice about doing what needed to be done.

She grabbed the child and shoved her to safety, even though she knew that would mean getting hit by the car herself.

In a jarring video of the incident, you can see the car speeding through the crosswalk and straight into Goodyear. Though it looks pretty severe, luckily, she suffered only minor injuries.

The little girl is incredibly thankful and says she really does feel like the heroic crossing guard saved her life that day. Goodyear has been honored by Maryland's governor. Governor Larry Hogan awarded her with a governor’s citation for her act of heroism.

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