‘That’s A Mchack For You’: Man Shares $1.79 Mcdonald’s Meal Deal Hack, Exposing Flaw In App

In a viral video posted Oct. 29, TikToker Ryan Hufford (@ryanhufford6) shared a hack for getting a cheap meal from McDonald’s. The video has over 638,900 views.

“This is the $1.79 value meal at McDonald’s,” he says in the clip. “I’m going to explain to you how to get this.”

Hufford’s receipt shows that he ordered one Happy Meal cheeseburger, upgraded to a large drink, and added two patties. He claims 6,000 points on the McDonald’s app will get you a free Happy Meal, which is confirmed on the fast food chain’s site.

Because you have already altered your meal, Hufford says you won’t lose your points.

“That’s a McHack for you,” he concludes.

In the comments section, users said that Hufford just outed himself.

“You gave away your secret. Now McDonald’s will McCorrect this hack,” one user said.

“It’s not a hack, you just altered it and the employee got confused and messed up,” another commented.

“Well now that you’ve made this video, they’re going to fix it so that it deducts the 6000 points,” a third user said.

According to a few users who tried the hack, McDonald’s has since fixed the point mishap.

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