‘It’s Like Chicken And Waffles’: McDonald’s Customer Discovers ‘Hella Good’ Mcgriddle Combo

Fans of McDonald’s breakfast were amazed by a video showing off a chicken McGriddle, which amassed 938,000 in just two days.

The menu item, which is only available during breakfast hours and costs $2.49, features a chicken patty sandwiched between two griddle cakes, contrasting sweet and savory flavors.

The video was posted on Wednesday by TikTok user @kuyyannunu and has quickly gone viral… because this is a quick-and-cheap custom path to eating chicken and waffles.

In the video, @kuyyannunu reacts to a TikTok originally posted by @mr1morecoconut. Her face is green-screened as she watches them unwrap the Chicken McGriddle. She says: “I cannot be the only one that never thought to order a McGriddle with chicken inside of it. It’s like chicken and waffles!”

Viewers were quick to comment on the breakfast sandwich: Some in delight, and others in disgust.

“That’s my go to it’s soo good,” one commenter said.

“Its hella good,” another added.

“It was not all that great,” a dissenting opinion noted.

Other commenters pointed out the item isn’t new and has been on the secret menu for years.

“It’s been on the menu for like 2 yrs now…. I’m surprised ppl never seen it!” one commenter claimed.

“It’s on the menu…. It’s called a chicken griddle” another said.

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