‘I Don’t Have The Choice In What My Child Consumes?’: Customer Blasts Mcdonald’s For Limiting Calorie Intake On Happy Meals

In a viral video, TikToker Kayla Collopy (@kaybabes24) shared that McDonald’s is limiting the calorie intake in Happy Meals for children. Instead of the choice of fries, the meal will automatically come with apple slices.

The video has over 95,000 views as of Monday.

“Supposed ‘corporate policy’ to limit kids’ calorie intake, 2 different McDonald’s in the upstate [South Carolina], one not saying anything about calories intake, then announcing their ‘new item’ online,” the overlay text on the video reads.

According to McDonalds, the average calorie intake is around 475 calories for the hamburger happy meal. After ordering, the drive-thru employee informed Collopy of the change.

“I don’t have the choice in what my child consumes?” Collopy asks the employee, to which the answer was no.

When arriving at the window, Collopy asks about the policy again and points out that they still offer a Big Mac and McFlurry; two items with a large calorie intake. The employee explains that she has tried to do what the customer wants but the manager continuously changes it back.

In a following clip, Collopy goes to another McDonalds and tries to order a happy meal with full fries. There wasn’t a problem with the order at that location. At the end of the video, the creator shares their newest additions to the menu.

“In a ‘smoky meets sweet’ pairing, McDonald’s is introducing a Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Oreo Fudge McFlurry,” the press release in the screenshot reads.

In the comments section, users provided their opinions and advice.

“Why grill the drive through employee? I’m sure she didn’t change the corporate policy,” one user asked. Collopy responded, saying that the employee was “a very sweet employee and I let her know I appreciated her and knew it was above her level.”

“On the app, it still lets you,” another user revealed.

“We were just told if people didn’t pick one, to automatically put apple slices,” a user claiming to be a McDonald’s employee commented.

There is not a statement regarding calorie intake policy on the fast food company’s website.

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