‘Near $5 For A Large Sweet Tea And A Small Fry?’: McDonald’s Customer Slams Chain’s Increase In Prices

In a viral TikTok video, a McDonald’s customer shares his outrage at the increase in the chain’s prices after purchasing two items on the value menu that amounted to nearly $5.

As prices for goods and services have inflated by 8.2% in the past year, McDonald’s is one of many fast-food chains to raise their prices.

User Phil (@philosophyphil) records the drive-thru screen after placing his order, showing simply a large sweet tea and a small fry, which totaled up to $4.44.

“Look, don’t get me wrong, I know inflation has been bad, but god damn near five dollars for a large sweet tea and a small fry?” he asks in the clip.

The camera cuts to the inside of his bag, where a measly serving of fries lay. “And the fries aren’t even in there. God,” he says, joking about the small size.

His video racked up over 391,000 views as of Wednesday, resonating with others who shared complaints about increasing fast-food prices.

“I got a shake and cheese curds at Culver’s and it was $15,” one viewer shared.

“Mcdonalds breakfast costs us 25 bucks, it’s 2 adults and a toddler,” a second stated.

“All fast food prices are getting ridiculous. Damn near $15 for a meal at most places,” a third wrote.

Some claimed that $1 items on McDonald’s value menu no longer exist.

“It used to be half that the $1 large drink was my go to,” one observed.

“My local McDonald’s raised dollar items to $2 and everything else went up near doubled in price,” a second noticed.

“I paid close to $2 for a value fry yesterday like WHAT. It’s insane,” a third commented.

Others urged Phil to download the McDonald’s app to find deals.

“Gotta use the app. Some better deals on there,” one recommended.

“Is the McDonald’s app. $1 large fries or free large fries daily,” a second said.

“My dude McDonald’s app 1 dollar large fries thank me later,” a third suggested.

Phil took viewers’ advice regarding the app. In a follow-up video, he shows how much the price dramatically dropped while using the app. A large fry that would normally cost $3.89 dropped to $1.06. Additionally, app users can earn rewards points with purchases that can be redeemed for discounts.

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