Man Finds Brother's Unpurchased Letterman Jacket At Arizona Thrift Store 28 Years Later

Jed and Josh Mottley are two brothers who recently shared a pretty major surprise. When they were in high school, Jed played on the varsity football team.
The pair were raised by a single mom, and she had a hard time affording his $300 letterman jacket. As a result, Jed never picked his up.

Jed told Inside Edition, "Every week I’d say, ‘Hey can we go grab the jacket?’ And it’d be like, ‘Oh, Next week.’ And here’s the thing, I was so embarrassed about it. I didn’t tell anybody."

His brother, Josh, was in an Arizona thrift store nearly 30 years later when he spotted something familiar: his brother's letterman jacket, hanging on a rack. It turns out around 1,000 jackets had just been dropped off, including one bearing Jed's name.

Now the two think the find is a message from their mom, who died nine years before. You can find out exactly why in the video.

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