Man films sick mother making him 'one last meal' before dying: 'I couldn’t stop crying'

A good, home-cooked supper is frequently the finest way to demonstrate parental love. A video of a Chinese man filming his cancer-stricken mother preparing their final meal proves this! The video was posted on Douyin last week by a man called Deng from Dalian in northeast China. In the now-viral video, his mother, bald and dressed in pajamas, was busy cooking in the kitchen. The video is set to the classic Chinese folk music ballad Farewell, per South China Morning Post, and Deng captioned it, “Mom, rest in peace. Nothing will defeat me anymore.” Deng, who is in his twenties, shot the video shortly before his mother died earlier this month. Deng says his mother was a strong and independent woman. She was reportedly diagnosed with cancer in February but did not tell her family because she was afraid they would be concerned. She only allowed Deng to accompany her for cancer treatment.

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