Man Activates "Superdad Powers" When Baseball Bat Rockets Toward His Son's Head.

Sometimes, it seems like being a parent automatically comes with superpowers that you didn’t know they existed until you have to use them.
Just ask Shaun Cunningham who went into full “Dad-mode” at a Braves vs. Pirates game when a rogue baseball bat came rocketing towards his son Landon’s face.

The 8-year-old was excited to watch his favorite team play and was snapping pictures when the errant bat flew towards the stands.

“I didn’t have a lot of time to think,” Shaun told TODAY. “Once I realized it was headed for my son, I just did anything I could to block it and deflect it.”

But what is most stunning: Notice how other spectators are jumping out of the projectile’s way while Landon’s dad is moving towards it. It’s a stunning picture of what fatherhood is about. The beautiful moment of fatherly protection has been warming hearts all over the internet since it happened in 2016.

Landon will have more than a baseball game to brag about to his friends for a while yet!

“My first baseball game was amazing,” Landon said.

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