Woman Claims She Was Denied Entry Into Restaurant Because Her Outfit Was Too Revealing

A woman has recently taken to social media to expose a restaurant in Paris that allegedly denied her entry because her outfit was "too revealing."
Posting to TikTok, Polska Babinks shared a clip that showed her and another woman having a back-and-forth with a restaurant manager who told Babinks that her outfit showed too much cleavage for it to be allowed on the premises.

"My friend Tootatis and I were prevented from entering this restaurant because of our cleavage," Babinks wrote.

In the video, you can see the TikToker dressed in a hot pink co-ord which consisted of a cardigan with a low-cut V-neck and a tight mini skirt. Her friend was dressed in a form-fitting one-piece.

Watch the clip below:

Since it was posted last week, the video has been viewed over 3.6 million times, with thousands of comments discussing the controversial issue. It seems as though some people are divided over who was right and who was wrong, with a few backing Babinks and others saying the manager made the right call in the end.

(All the following comments have been translated from French to English.)

"But [the reaction] is not normal at all, especially since the outfits don't look shocking," defended one user.

"In some restaurants there are dress codes, you don't go there dressed just any old way... they [the women] do it on purpose, it seems," wrote another user.

Another added: "...But the boss has the right to choose which customers he does not want."

A fourth also weighed in on the situation saying that there are "surely children" around, so the manager has the right to decline entry.

One user even commented saying her clothes weren't the problem and instead, her attitude was the prime focus here: "I don't even [blame] you for the clothes. But the way you behave, to speak loudly like that. I'd be too afraid that it will scare the [other customers] away."

While Babinks tried to defend herself in a series of follow up videos, it seems as though she lost a lot of public support. However, the restaurant has apparently benefitted from the viral video as their standard 3-star rating has now gone up to 4 stars.

Who do you think was in the wrong?

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