Legendary DJ Casey Kasem's Daughter Starts Podcast About Elder Abuse Following Dad's Death

It's been years since the death of legendary DJ Casey Kasem, and his daughter continues to fight in his honor.
Kerri Kasem has made her platform elder abuse after the death of her father. Kerri believes that mistreatment from Casey's wife, Jean Kasem, was behind his death. Jean has asserted Kerri and her brother were not acting in Casey's best interest. The infighting is the subject of Kerri's podcast, Bitter Blood: Kasem v Kasem.

Kerri says a cross-country trip a month before her father's death was a selfish move that left Casey malnourished and in pain. "It was the most traumatic event of my life," a medical aide who assisted Casey during the trip tells Kerri on the podcast.

"It was horrible," the aide reiterated.

"He was particularly vulnerable and helpless at that moment, and he was terribly frightened."

"[Jean's] care was tantamount to getting care in hell," Kerri told Inside Edition.

"All my dad wanted to do was be in his house, and live and die in his house. And he had plenty of money to do that. Plenty of money to have around-the-clock care."

"She didn't want my dad in the house, because she had a boyfriend."

Jean has denied these allegations and said her care at the end of Casey's life was based on what was in his best interest, which was not what motivated his children. She and Kerri have battled legally over his estate, recently coming to a settlement that Kerri was "very unhappy with." She hopes this podcast sheds new light on the story and leads to an investigation into Jean.

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