‘The Fact I Would Be Secretly Giving Myself Hella Over Time’: KFC Worker Says Manager Disappeared For 3 Weeks, They Had Seafood Boils With Supplies In Store

A TikToker went viral for posting a video of the shenanigans she and her KFC co-workers got into after their manager left them unattended for three weeks.

The video, posted by a user named Livvie (@vdabratttt), shows someone in a restaurant kitchen opening a box of crab legs while a bowl of crab legs sits next to them on the counter. The text overlay reads, “Remembering when me and gang worked at KFC and our manager disappeared for 3 weeks but my other friend still had a key so we would clock in and have seafood boils, shop in the plaza then go to sportsway.”

Livvie captioned the video, “2020 was fun [as hell].”

In the comments section, TikTokers were curious about what happened to the manager. “Manager went to jail huh,” one user speculated. Livvie responded that her manager was supposedly fed up with not making enough at the fast-food chain and decided to go back to working as a stripper.

Other users shared stories of how they have or would have behaved in situations similar to Livvie’s.

“We hit dabs at my old McDonald’s when the cameras were broke,” one commenter wrote.

“Waitttttt because why did I do this with the boys and girls club (not the seafood boil),” a second commented.

“Devious I did the same at a different job,” a third shared.

“The fact I would be secretly giving myself hella over time,” another stated.

Though Livvie seems to have enjoyed working during the pandemic, this certainly wasn’t the case for a lot of food service workers. Many lost their jobs or had their hours severely cut at the time. Government-mandated social distancing and stay-at-home orders also did a number on small businesses. A staggering 41.3% of small businesses closed at least temporarily during the pandemic, and many never re-opened.

When it comes to the commenters who claimed that they would have beefed up their paychecks by clocking in overtime hours, there seems to be some truth to their jokes. While there were plenty of cases where legitimate overtime numbers were recorded—like state workers staying well past their pre-ordained workdays to handle assistance claims—there were also many documented instances of fraud in various industries.

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